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Top Secure Messaging Apps for Private Communication in 2023

The Best SMS Text Messaging Apps for Android

Although support for the protocol is currently limited, it is still possible to find it.

SMS remains one of the most reliable ways to communicate with anyone, regardless of their location or mobile operating system. However, not many messaging apps support SMS, owing to the protocol’s age and advancements by apps such as WhatsApp.

Recently, Signal, the Android app, also dropped support for SMS. According to the developers, SMS is less secure than newer messaging standards, can confuse users, and may attract extra data bills. Despite this, many people still rely on SMS to communicate with friends and family who do not have access to the latest messaging apps.

For those who need texting on Android, here are some options to consider:

Messages by Google:

This default messaging app is available on Pixel and Galaxy phones. Google is also pushing for the successor to SMS, which is the Rich Communication Services (RCS). The RCS standard has many features, including read receipts, group chats, and better photo and video support. Messages will use either RCS or SMS, depending on the contact you are chatting with, factoring in their SMS app, phone, network, and location. If RCS is enabled, all messages in your chat will be end-to-end encrypted.

Pulse SMS:

Pulse SMS lets you access your SMS on the web and apply end-to-end encryption. For extra security, you can password-protect certain conversations. The app also allows you to pin chats to the top of the interface or organize them into folders. It has a powerful search feature, scheduled messages, delayed sending, and support for auto replies. You can also use templates to compose messages more quickly, and apply themes to individual chats.

Chomp SMS:

This app is more basic than Pulse SMS, but it focuses on the most important feature of an SMS app, which is sending and receiving SMS messages. It has a no-nonsense interface, with several app themes available. You can also lock the app behind a passcode for extra privacy, and schedule messages to go out at a certain time and date. It has an integrated text backup option, and you can customize the way you receive messages by assigning individual contacts their own ringtones and vibrate patterns.

SMS Organizer:

SMS Organizer is a side project from Microsoft that is regularly updated with new features. You can get reminders automatically generated from your SMS messages and back up texts. You can also write texts using your voice and quickly filter your conversation list to see unread messages that need to be dealt with first. It has various customization options, including a dark theme option, ringtones, notifications, and font size. It’s easy to star messages and block spammers inside the app. It has a neat interface that makes even basic text look interesting.

while SMS may be an older form of communication, it is still used by many people to communicate with friends and family. Although some messaging apps are phasing out SMS support, there are still viable options available for Android users who want to use SMS. Messages by Google, Pulse SMS, Chomp SMS, and SMS Organizer all provide unique features and customization options to enhance the SMS experience. Whether it’s advanced features or a simple and streamlined interface you’re looking for, there’s an SMS app out there that can meet your needs.

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