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Why Valentine’s Day is not Celebrated by Muslims: Exploring the Islamic View

Valentine’s Day is widely celebrated as a day dedicated to expressions of romantic love around the world. However, not everyone participates in the festivities, and there are certain cultures and religions that do not observe the holiday at all. One of these is Islam.

Why don’t Muslims celebrate Valentine’s Day? This question can be answered by examining the religious and cultural beliefs and practices of Islam. Here are some of the primary reasons:

Exclusivity of Festival Worship – Islam maintains that Valentine’s Day dates back to the Romans and is not found in Islam. It is considered an exclusive expression of faith to Christians, and it is considered a sin for Muslims to participate in festivals that do not have an Islamic origin, as it can lead to disbelief. The Quran provides all the festivals that Muslims are compelled to participate in and gives provisions on the proper direction to face when praying, fasting, and celebrating. Anything outside of these is considered paganism and is strictly forbidden.

Threat of Paganism – Islam also believes that Valentine’s Day is not part of the original Christian faith, but a derivative of Roman paganism. Imitation of idolaters and pagan elements is strictly forbidden in Islam, especially as expressed through festivals and celebrations. According to the book of scholarly consensus and the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad, “Whoever imitates a people is one of them.”

Romantic Love is Not Automatically Synonymous with True Love – Islam frowns upon romantic love outside the context of marriage. Muslim scholars maintain that Valentine’s Day is not about “pure love,” but about love without commitment found in relationships between boyfriends, girlfriends, and mistresses. This is considered fornication and giving into lustful feelings, which leads to immorality. In Islam, love between a husband and wife is a sacred and permanent bond, and there is no need to set aside a day specifically for it, as if they love each other more for just one day.

Different Kinds of Love – In Islam, love is a cherished ideal to be shared between people in general. Romantic love, specifically, is not something to be celebrated before marriage, as it consistently leads to immorality, as defined by Islam. A husband and wife do not need Valentine’s Day, as they love each other fully and in a wholesome fashion throughout the year.

In predominantly Muslim countries such as Pakistan and Malaysia, there is a sizable minority of people with more liberal views regarding Quranic scripture and the celebration of Valentine’s Day. However, the governments of these countries are taking action against it by releasing statements and fatwas decrying any impending celebrations, in an attempt to pre-empt festivities.

So, the answer to the question “Do Muslims celebrate Valentine’s Day” is not a straightforward one, as there is a wide range of opinions among Muslims. While most do not celebrate the holiday, some do, especially in more liberal Muslim countries. When it comes to the question of whether Islam recognizes Valentine’s Day, the answer is a resounding “no”.

In conclusion, it is important to understand and respect the cultural and religious beliefs and practices of others, especially when it comes to celebrations and holidays. While Valentine’s Day may be widely celebrated around the world, it is not for everyone, and for Muslims, it is not a holiday that is recognized or celebrated.

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