Do you ever need to print something from your phone or tablet, but don’t have access to a laptop?

If so, don’t worry – there are several ways to easily print documents, photos, and more from your mobile device without needing a computer.

Although we may not be living in a completely paperless world, the need for printing documents has not diminished. From application forms to wedding speeches, there are still many occasions when physical copies of documents are required. However, it’s not always necessary to have a laptop or desktop computer to get your printouts. Your phone or tablet can do the job just as well.

The way you print from your mobile device will depend on the printer you’re using, but there are several options available, regardless of your phone or printer model. For Android users, your first stop should be the Play Store to see if the manufacturer of your printer has developed an app for Android. Epson offers both iPrint and Smart Panel, and the specific app you need will depend on the model of your printer. These apps handle everything from finding the printer to sending the data.

Android includes basic wireless printer support, which doesn’t require a manufacturer app, if your printer is on the same wifi network. If your printer is compatible with Android through this mode, you’ll see it listed. Some printers, like most HP models, allow you to connect your Android device via a USB cable.

However, not all apps are compatible with printing, and the availability of print options will depend on the developer. Some apps, like Google Docs, have built-in print options, while others, like Google Chrome, require you to tap the share button to access printing.

For iPhone or iPad users, the official route for printing is to use AirPrint. If your printer supports AirPrint, your mobile device will be able to find it easily, assuming it’s on the same wifi network. With an AirPrint printer, you should be able to tap the share button in your app of choice and select the Print option.

If your printer does not support AirPrint, you can use iOS or iPadOS apps developed by printer manufacturers. Canon has an app, for example, that allows you to select documents or photos that are locally stored. Third-party options like Printopia or Print n Share are also available, but they require a Mac to use.

Unlike Android, iOS and iPadOS do not support wired printing, so wireless options are the only way to print. However, there are many ways to export documents and images to other platforms and formats from iOS and iPadOS, which can be found via the share menu.

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