Technology - March 11, 2023

Discord to Introduce AI-Powered Chatbot for Enhanced User Experience

Discord AI Powered Chatbot

According to details, the AI chatbot of Discord will support users in condensing lengthy discussions and even provide certain options for avatar embellishments.

Discord, a prominent social platform for VoIP and instant messaging, has joined the trend of incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into their platform. The company has recently announced the introduction of new AI features that aim to help users in summarizing lengthy conversations and even personalizing their avatars.

The rapid growth of generative AI technology has prompted numerous tech companies, including Microsoft and Google, to invest and compete in the industry, while smaller platforms have also integrated AI into their features.

Discord CEO Jason Citron remarked on the exciting moment in technology as they introduced their AI features. The first feature, ‘Clyde,’ is a Discord bot now powered by OpenAI, capable of fetching information, answering complex questions, and even writing poetry.

The second feature utilizes image generative AI, allowing users to remix their avatars using generative image models. The third and most useful feature is the ability to summarize lengthy conversations and locate specific messages, saving users a significant amount of time.

Initially, these AI features will be available to a select group of users before being released to the public.

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