Finance - February 14, 2023

8 Must-Have Items from the Dollar Store for Budget Savvy Shoppers

Whether you’re looking to save money or simply love a good bargain, shopping at the Dollar Store can be a great way to get more bang for your buck. While it’s true that some items may not be of the highest quality, there are many items that are just as good as those found at more expensive retailers like Walmart. Here are 8 items you should consider buying at the Dollar Store instead of Walmart:
1- Balloons
A 72-count pack of white latex balloons costs $4.50 at Walmart, while a 75-count pack of colorful metallic balloons costs $4.50 at Dollar Tree. At Dollar General, you can get 80 balloons for $4.00 with a 20-count pack of royal blue balloons at $1.00 each.
2. Disposable aluminum baking pans
For a crowd-sized meal without the hassle of scrubbing pans, buy disposable aluminum pans from Dollar General or Dollar Tree. Dollar General sells two-count packs of heavy-duty 13x9x2 pans for $3, while single 13x9x2 pans can be purchased at Dollar Tree for $1.25 each. Walmart charges closer to $3.72 for a two-count aluminum baking pan set.
3. Hair ties
Save money on hair ties by purchasing a 30- or 32-count pack from Dollar General for $1.65. Walmart’s 20-count pack of neutral-colored hair ties costs $2.84. Dollar General also offers better deals for kids’ hair ties, with a 36-count pack for $2 and a 72-count pack for $4.00.
4. Kitchen sponges
Heavy-duty sponges are a must for deep cleaning your kitchen. Walmart’s cheapest pack of two Brillo sponges costs $1.28, while Dollar General sells three store-brand sponges for $1 each.
5. Hand mirrors
Get two hand mirrors (one smaller, one larger) for $2.25 at Dollar General. Walmart does not offer packs of hand mirrors, but a regular-sized hand mirror costs $4.22 and a smaller one costs $2.44.
6. Inflatable pool lounge floats
For a better deal on pool floats for adults, choose Dollar General’s floats for $5.00 instead of Walmart’s for $8.80. Even if Walmart’s floats are on sale for $6.98, Dollar General still has a better deal.
7. Tissue paper
Stock up on tissue paper for holidays or anniversaries at Dollar General, where 30 sheets of tissue paper cost $1 and 90 sheets cost $3. At Walmart, you can expect to pay $9.59 for 100 sheets and $13.97 for 100 sheets in assorted colors.
8. Plastic cups
Dollar General offers a better deal on disposable plastic cups for adults. A 44-count bag of nine-ounce cups costs $3.15 at Dollar General, while Walmart only offers three-ounce cups for $2.52 for 100. The best price at Walmart is $4.32 for a 50-count bag of nine-ounce cups. In general, The Dollar Store is a great place to find affordable alternatives to everyday items. Whether you’re looking to save money or just want to find a good bargain, consider shopping at the Dollar Store for items like balloons, disposable baking pans, hair ties, kitchen sponges, hand mirrors, inflatable pool lounge floats, tissue paper, and plastic cups.

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