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7 Cruise Etiquette Guidelines for a Memorable Trip

Cruise tips by Ajyal America

Are you planning to go on a cruise soon? A cruise can be a wonderful and relaxing way to travel, but it’s important to remember that you’ll be sharing space with many other people.

A voyage on a cruise can be the sojourn of a lifetime, and therefore, it’s vital to relish every moment. By following these seven recommendations on good conduct while on a cruise, you can steer clear of trouble and possibly even gain the distinction of being the “most liked” passenger.

The first guideline is to stay loyal to your team. Forming a group for trivia can be arduous, and once you’ve found the right match, make sure to keep them. It’s imperative not to exclude a team member, even if they’ve performed poorly. Remember, everyone has had moments of being stumped, and knowing all the capitals of the world can be a tough nut to crack. Just like in sports, once you’ve donned the jersey, those are your comrades, and loyalty is key, just like the gold medal of victory.

Next, avoid overbooking at all costs. Imagine going to a restaurant and discovering that every table has already been reserved, yet none are being used. Cruise ships might not penalize you for booking tables at multiple eateries to secure a place, but as soon as you decide against going, call and cancel the reservation. And do so as soon as possible, giving others a chance to grab a bite. After all, sharing is caring. “If you make a dinner booking in a specialty restaurant and change your mind about going, follow the courtesy you’d show on land and cancel the reservation in advance,” said Jana Frawley, Escape Content Director, “this is helpful for the staff, but also fellow guests who can now book in your place.”

Third, understand that the crew is there for everyone’s benefit. Waiting for the service desk can be an exasperating experience due to the long queues. Waiting for non-emergencies for approximately 24 hours is preferable, allowing the crew to prepare and ensure that you have the best holiday experience. If your Wi-Fi isn’t working, why not enjoy the stunning vistas that you’ve paid for?

Fourth, make sure to have a watch. Being tardy can annoy fellow travelers and make them wait for you. On a shore trip, not keeping track of time can be a real buzzkill for everyone.

Fifth, when soaking in the hot tub, make sure to keep your gas to yourself. The same rules apply to any spa on land, and we all know what those bubbles represent.

Sixth, let the staff do their jobs without interruptions. Don’t touch or harass them with questions that should be addressed elsewhere, especially the entertainment director. While it’s their job to make sure you have fun and feel at ease, they’re still on the clock and require breaks.

Finally, maintain hygiene by avoiding germs as much as possible. A cold or flu can easily spread in a closed environment with hundreds of other people, so take precautions to ensure you and others remain healthy.

By adhering to these tips, you’ll have a memorable and enjoyable voyage while making new friends along the way.

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